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Stop Assisted Suicide

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dying Well promotes excellence in end of life care and stands against the legalisation of doctor assisted suicide.

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Stop Assisted Suicide

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Dying Well promotes excellence in end of life care and stands against the legalisation of doctor assisted suicide as fundamentally inconsistent with the foundations of the law, the role of the doctor, suicide prevention and equality. It has cross-party support across both Houses of Parliament.

The Lies of euthanasia

We live in a culture that struggles to process suffering and avoids all confrontation with death. Few people know what they might think about death when faced with its stark reality.

update posted on 27/05/2021 06:26

  • Ben Turner
    Thank you Danny Kruger and all of you for the excellent work you are all doing in helping to stop assisted suicide. With Best Wishes, Benjamin Turner, North Wiltshire
  • Anonymous Comment
    Even though I have seen many people slowly die in the presence of family & friends with the devastating Motor Neurone Disease, with recently improved palliative care, I fully support your campaign.
  • Laura J Jassoy
    I agree with the points made by Danny Kruger MP and I hope that this campaign succeeds.
  • Deborah Bonanos
    The Assisted Suicide Bill would be open to misinterpretation and brings to question where we are going as a society to even consider this as an option.
  • Mrs H R Clement
    My husband received excellent palliative care, this should be made available for all.
  • Jane Sarah Davies
    A change in the law to allow assisted suicide is would not be simply crossing a line, but opening a chasm, into which many vulnerable people would find themselves falling into.
  • Helen Freely
    Permitting assisted suicide would be a dangerous slippery slope to go down. Let the UK National Health Service preserve life and improve palliative care instead.
  • Anonymous Comment
    I support the campaign to resist a change in the law. Care and love at the end of life is a mark of respect for the value of a person.
  • Mark J Pickering
    This is such an important project. Well done Danny and team.
  • Anonymous Comment
    Glad this organisation exists
  • Bob Heyes
    More funding for paliative care is an absolute must.
  • Anonymous Comment
    I wholeheartedly support this venture and will spread the news to others when occasions arise.
  • Sinead M Peacock
    Thank you so much for undertaking this incredibly important work and defending some of the most vulnerable people in our society.
  • Anonymous Comment
    We pray that you'll be granted wisdom, strength and courage as you take this public stand.
  • Revd Paul Eddy
    Will make a donation shortly and encourage others to do so.
  • Lucy O'sullivan
    Having lived in Belgium, I believe that any form of state sponsored 'assisted death' is an insidious anti-life threat. If you need help in the office or with your campaigns I'm yours!
  • Anonymous Comment
    I fully support this campaign
  • Carol Williamson
    I am really heartened to read that an All Party Parliamentary group has formed to challenge moves to make assisted suicide a legal reality in this country and stop it ever happening. Thank you.
  • Anonymous Comment
    I wholeheartedly support your campaign and I am pleased to see a group prepared to stand up against the clamour for a change which could only have horrendous consequences..
  • Miss T Tran
    Keep campaigning - I completely oppose a change to the law for my own personal moral code, and the concern of how this change would erode trust and hinder proper patient care.
  • Ben Turner
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