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Bad Education

A national campaign to end unlawful indoctrination and revitalise civic education in British schools.

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Bad Education

‘PSHE’ and 'RSE' lessons (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education; and Relationships and Sex Education)
are being used to politically indoctrinate and sexually groom
our children into radical lifestyles.

This is happening without parental knowledge or consent. Third party providers sell propaganda to schools, which is then used to teach radical ideologies as settled fact.

Political indoctrination is against the law, but schools are doing it anyway. Bad Education seeks to challenge this situation by establishing:

- An advisory panel of experts on PSHE
- A nationwide parent-teacher association
- A public information media campaign


A framework for a standardised PSHE and RSE curriculum

- To publish easy to read summaries of the law (with a focus on parental rights)

- To bring about a public inquiry into the activities of third-sector education providers and publish a report on abuses perpetrated by this sector.

- To lobby Parliament for legal reforms that will:
- clarify existing law
- strengthen parental rights
- enshrine the child’s right to an education free from indoctrination

- To introduce into our schools a ‘civic’ model of education which teaches children their rights and responsibilities as citizens and provides opportunities for children to explore complex moral and social questions with openness and nuance.

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