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Enfranchise Expatriate Scots

We are a cross-party campaign calling for men and women born in Scotland, living anywhere in the UK or abroad, to be given a vote in any future referendum on independence.

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Enfranchise Expatriate Scots

If Swedes, Sudanese and Singaporeans are to be offered a vote in the next Scottish independence referendum, why aren’t expatriate Scots?

If and when there is a second independence referendum – IndyRef2 – the Scottish government proposes to give a vote to all over 16-year-olds resident in Scotland at the time. This could include people who are only there for a very short time and for a very defined reason – such as overseas students or employees of multi-national companies posted to Scotland for a fixed period.

Meantime the UK government proposes that the restriction on expatriate Britons living or working abroad being allowed to vote in general elections and referendums be abolished. Currently they can only vote for the first 15 years of their residency overseas, but this is to be extended so as to become a lifetime entitlement.

The ExpatScots campaign believes that in a democratic exercise as fundamental as any second independence referendum diaspora and expatriate Scots should also have a vote. That should include both those living in the ‘rest of the UK’, and those living abroad.

Many expatriate Scots maintain close ties with friends and relatives in the land of their birth. Some Scottish members of the armed services are based in the rest of the UK or overseas, but have every intention of returning to Scotland. Some expat Scots have properties and other investments in Scotland, and also intend to retire to Scotland. It therefore seems unfair that Scottish expatriates should be deprived of a say in something as fundamental as to whether or not the 314 year-old Union should be abolished.

Please sign our petition and donate if you can. This is a very important issue for the hundreds of thousands of Scots who risk being denied a say over their country's future.

For full details of the arguments behind this campaign, read my article on 'The case for giving expat Scots a vote'.

This campaign's creator, Lionel Zetter, was born in Glasgow to a Scottish mother. He is a retired lobbyist, and a former president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He is author of ‘Lobbying, the Art of Political Persuasion’.

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  • Hugh Gunn
    I have a wife and two children born in Scotland and own property there.
    Only fair and wise to be able to vote.
  • Samuel Laird
    Indyref2 could change my nationality without me having a say. In EU, residents vote in municipals, only nationals in national elections. Need to align with EU as aspirant independent member.
  • Anonymous Comment
    Just moved to The Scottish Borders to live near our daughter who married a Scot in the Armed Forces. We have built a house and spent a lot of money in the area. We will vote NO to Indyref2.
  • Peter Ferguson
    Brilliant campaign objective. I have been writing to newspapers on this very issue for years now; and been interviewed on the Jeremy Vine show twice on this very topic. I support this campaign.
  • Mrs Catherine Tompkins
    As an ex-pat Sot living in England, I return home to Scotland 4 times a year to see my family and to attend the family graves. My lifelong friends are all in Scotland and I hear their views regularly
  • Anonymous Comment
    Should have been done years ago.
  • Anonymous Comment
    The right to vote in any future referendum is the birth right of Scottish expatriates!
  • Anonymous Comment
    Both our children were born and brought up in Edinburgh but now live and work in England and most certainly want a say in the future of their country of birth. We are in full support of your petition.
  • Anonymous Comment
    I agree entirely.
  • Dawn Bowdidge
    I think it's a deplorable way to rig the referendum how they are trying to do shameful
  • Ian Stewart Forrester
    i desire to vote in Scottish referenda
  • Anonymous Comment
    I don't know how expat Scots will vote but I believe it is absolutely their right to do so.
    By lowering the voting age the SNP has already engaged in obvious gerrymandering.
    Good luck.
  • Dr Colin Stirling Deans
    I still reside in Scotland but have first cousins born here now living in Canada and USA; my youngest daughter,born in Aberdeen works in London, my brother and sister born here now live in England.
  • Minocher Dinshaw
  • Anonymous Comment
    This is a cracking idea, definitely one to enact before any referendum comes along
  • Mr Alan T Austin
    I was born in Scotland and reside there and I fully support that all people born in Scotland should get a vote on independence no matter where they live now.
  • Rich Jones
    Thumbs up from me !
  • Anonymous Comment
    This is a brilliant idea
  • Samuel Laird
    23/06/2021 £100.00
  • Mrs Catherine Tompkins
    06/06/2021 £10.00
  • Anonymous Donation
    04/06/2021 £20.00
  • Mr Alan T Austin
    03/06/2021 £10.00