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Let Me See My GP

Patients need to be able to see their GPs face to face again. We want the Government to instruct practices to put in place the means to do so urgently.

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Let Me See My GP

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS encouraged GP practices in England to implement a 'total triage' model which made it difficult at best, but often impossible, for patients to access their GP surgery.

While it was understandable that GP practices sought to discourage unnecessary in-person appointments, now that more than 90% of people over 40 having been vaccinated, GP practices need urgently to open their doors once again to face to face appointments and other services. The fact that you can go in person to the cinema or to the pub, but not get an appointment to see you GP, is illogical and dangerous.

The pandemic has meant that millions of people have been discouraged or refused requests to visit their GP at all, leaving vast numbers exposed unnecessarily to disease, illness and even death.

While the 'total triage' advice has recently changed, we want the Government to be unequivocal and urgent in its requirement for GP practices to open their doors for business as usual. We know there will doubtless be increased waiting times for face to face appointments, but it is vital that practices get back to normal as quickly as possible.

The public is widely behind this campaign. Exclusive Savanta ComRes polling for Let Me See My GP shows that more than seven in ten (71%) of the public want GP practices to reopen to see patients face to face "immediately". This rises to fully 85% of those over-65, in other words the group most likely to need GP services.

Please sign our petition and donate to our campaign so that we can maintain pressure on the Government to urge GPs back to seeing patients once again.

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  • Linda Mcstea
    Time to open for face to face appts
  • Anonymous Comment
    Absolutely vital!
  • Anonymous Comment
    The doctor can tell more from face to face than just a telephone call. I am sure many illnesses have been missed during this time. Often you have to get past the receptionist first and online booking
  • Anonymous Comment
    Time for telephone consultations to stop. My GP practice operated these for years. No alternative method offered. Appointment request must be made at 8am or nothing. Telephone queues 20 minutes plus.
  • Anonymous Comment
    This would be good to have these open again as I found it hard just talking on phone about my problems.
  • Anonymous Comment
    If they're not seeing patients in surgery need to be working in the hospital we pay their wages
  • Anonymous Comment
    Impossible to see a GP. Would be easier to get into Fort Knox! No-one can tell what is the matter on the telephone!
  • Shaun Gallagher
    Gp’s are an embarrassment they way they have hidden themselves away my father is in an early grave because of their lack of face to face care.
  • Anonymous Comment
    This is so important - our own GP practice is like Fort Knox to get into and hasn't changed noticeably since lockdown eased, we must get back to normal as soon as possible
  • Anonymous Donation
    19/05/2021 £30.00