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Stop Sutton Lib Dems Banning Campanale

Overturn the Sutton Lib Dems conscience ban on David Campanale

Liberal Democrats in winnable Sutton & Cheam have bullied their parliamentary candidate because of his privately held traditional moral views. They now want to deselect him. Help us and David strike a blow against cancel culture.

Sutton Censoring Lib Dems
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Overturn the Sutton Lib Dems conscience ban on David Campanale

An Oxford-educated, award-winning international television journalist in the BBC World Service, David Campanale has been harassed as a PPC by a mob of intolerant, illiberal culture war activists for being a Christian. It's another example of cancel culture impacting our public institutions, whether universities, the media or government. But it can be stopped.

They’ve told him “we don’t accept your right to a conscience”. One said “they” are building a “secular party” which will have room for people of faith “as long as you don’t expect to hold to your religious or conscientious opinions”. Another officer said David Campanale had “pulled the wool” over their eyes, “as others feel” by not disclosing he has “strong Christian beliefs”.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have issued guidance to all political parties about the dangers of this kind of harassment and bullying over faith or conscience. These characteristics are protected in law, but need enforcing.

Help David fight for freedom for all people of conscience, faith and goodwill in public life, by securing justice in court.

For more information about David contact him on Facebook here:

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