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Print vehicle registrations on drive-thru food packaging

As of Friday 30th June 2023 10,355 have signed the petition. Thank You All!!

Litter from fast food outlets is a massive problem: a 2021 study published in Nature found that it is the main source of plastic litter accumulating on many of the world’s coastlines. In the UK alone more than 2m pieces of litter are dropped every day – half of it from a single fast food brand.

This creates a huge problem in both cities and the countryside which could be reduced significantly with one simple solution - printing vehicle registrations on drive-thru food packaging.

The best way to tackle litter from drive-thrus is to discourage drivers from dropping it in the first place. The technology exists to make this a relatively straightforward and pain-free change for drive-thru fast food outlets yet the impact could be huge.

Let’s make people think twice about dropping their rubbish out of cars. And asking fast-food vendors to act responsibly and label their packaging is a small step, but one firmly in the right direction.

Help us make our towns, cities and countryside cleaner by signing the petition and give if you can to our fighting fund.

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Comments section

Jessica Juchau-scott
We must do something to deter rubbish throwing.

Anonymous Comment
There are specific places where car occupants throw out fast food packaging - probably the distance from the outlet over which one can eat a burger etc and then chuck out the waste. Disgusting!

Anonymous Comment
Excellent idea!

Peter Ferguson
Brilliant idea! Good for you. I absolutely abhor littering and just cannot understand the mentality of people who drop their rubbish anywhere but in a proper refuse bin.
Good luck with your campaign.

Anonymous Comment
Good luck with your campaign. I can't understand why some people are so thoughtless with their litter

Anonymous Comment
Great cause - well done!

Anonymous Comment
Thanks for highlighting and providing a solution on how to end this thoughtless type of pollution. Best of luck with your campaign.

Miss Eec Anne
Brilliant idea and wonderfully presented. Happy to donate to help bring this idea to fruition. Thank you.

Anonymous Comment
Great idea

Anonymous Comment
I litter pick. More than 50% of what I pick up is alcahol related. We should ban any alcahol being carried in the passenger compartment of any vehicle as well. 12 month ban and car seized.

Anonymous Comment
I think this is a great initiative which I completely support!

Miss H N Hoban
Awesome campaign! Hope it goes well :)

Mrs P W Collingwood
Go for it Bea.

Anonymous Comment
This could be in the form of a bar code or QI code to maintain privacy.

Anonymous Comment
hello, i would like to get in touch with you regarding the implementation of this proposal.
you can contact me at

Anonymous Comment
Fed up with all empty cartons and bags littering the verges. Have said for a long while this should be done.

Robert. Thomson
They should be fined £ 1000 per item found

Ann M Hood
This would help our campaign against litter hugely. To be able to trace every litter bug back to their source world be some kind of preventative.

Mrs Louise Downes
It's a great idea. Keep up the good work.

Renecca Toms
Great idea Bea. Perhaps neighbourhood watch volunteers could litter pick and record number plates on a central dats base ? Then there is a potential for prosecution of repeat offenders.

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Gary, Orpington

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