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Stop Dan Wootton being cancelled by far left online smears


A hard left blog is on a deranged campaign of harassment designed to destroy me financially, mentally and professionally – but, with your help, they will not succeed.

Byline Times has eschewed all journalistic, legal and moral practices to publish a series of defamatory and untrue claims as part of a highly politicised witch hunt designed to cancel and de-platform me.  
Byline have already come for the likes of the Free Speech Union, the Legatum Institute, GB News and Douglas Murray who received substantial damages for their lies.
Now they and others want to silence me.

I am advised that I have a good case for legal action, and Byline is already on notice of my legal complaint.

But I need your help to fight the false allegations and innuendo that is being spouted on social media to cancel someone with political views that challenge the orthodoxy.
The line-up of people which Byline and other biased sources appear to be relying on for their information include a convicted phone hacker, an abusive ex-boyfriend turned hard left campaigner who admitted in writing to me that he is a “psychopath” and threatened to “slit my throat”, a recently released violent criminal who has previously blackmailed me, and a convicted extortionist I have never met who was sent to jail for many years after being described by a judge as a “compulsive” danger to the public. 
We must fight back against the current state of social media, where any allegation can be made in an attempt to get someone on the right cancelled and it is impossible to defend yourself.  This is even the case where they have claimed that I have engaged in criminal activity when I have never been arrested, interviewed or charged in respect of any of the allegations against me.
Our rush to judge before due process, thanks to coordinated dark forces in online pile-ons, is destroying democracy.  
I will not allow myself to be cancelled based on lies and will vigorously fight to defend myself.
We know why they are trying to take me down now – my GB News show has become the No1 on the network in recent months, beating the British Bashing Corporation and Sly News, and my Mail column is No1 most read online.
I will continue fighting for my life and my reputation – and for you by speaking out against the woke orthodoxy which is sweeping through all our institutions.
But today I ask for your critical assistance to help fund my costly legal action in order to battle these dark forces trying to take me down because of my political point of view.
This campaign is pushing me to breaking point. Byline Times has referred to further “revelations” in the coming "days and weeks" and I do not know what they intend to say or what future claims I may have against them, or other publications who repeat their stories, in respect of these unknown allegations.
Byline has set up their own crowd funder to defend their untrue attacks so I need to be able to meet them head on at every turn.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart - I want to be able to keep fighting for you.

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Comments section

Susan We are fighters. Not flighters.

You have my support Dan! It’s not a lot but I’m with you all the way on this xx

This cancellation fetish is undemocratic and endangers the UK

Support Dan Wootton against the liberal left wokes attempts to silence him on GB News.

I hate what this country has come to. Social media is destroying lives. Good luck Dan!!

Hold the line Dan

Good luck Dan xx

Do not let them get you down Dan. They are evil and we need you to conquer them, go for them no holds barred!

FIGHT the good fight with all of your might. You speak the truth so you will always have a voice.Reg
Dan, it could be any of us next. Stick to your guns & know we are with you RB.

Dan, fight on, sorry you are getting this from despicable liars. I trust GB TV are backing you as well. You CAN'T have your work suspended, how dare people behave in such a way!

Best of luck

All the best Dan!

Carry on doing what you do Dan. The right deserves a voice too. Toxic wokery needs to have its power curtailed, we live in a free speech country, they need to know we will fight to be heard too.

Dan, it's disgusting to hear what you are facing just for having political views which some people disagree with. It's a direct attack on freedom of speech and the silent majority are behind you all the way.

Don’t lose heart, Dan

Don’t let them get you down Dan, they’re only coming for you because you’re so effective at holding the line and getting the truth out there! This country needs more people like you!

Don’t give up, good luck Dan

Give em hell Dan

Good luck Dan hope this helps

Good luck Dan. We must stand up to these far left bullies.

Good luck Dan and thanks for fighting for free speech/cancel culture.

I am a 71 year old pensioner and had enough of the left wokist snowflakes, we have to fight back and by helping you, not a lot I'm afraid, this might show we are not prepared to sit back and let them rule our lives

I am with you Dan, you will win this.

I don’t always agree with what you say Dan but totally agree with your right to say it. So I’m going to contribute to your crowdfunding page. We need to stand up for free speech and up to the trolls who try to destroy people who don’t agree with their beliefs.

Keep fighting Dan x

Not on my watch.

Please dont give up the fight we need you

Stay strong. Behind you 100%

The left haemorrhage hate. They have no argument. Just hate.

We, the otherwise silent majority won't let these monsters win.

Wished I could give more

You don't deserve this Dan, chin up so many of use have your back!

Keep up the fight Dan. We've got your back

I wish I could donate more.  These people are not only ruining lives, but ruining society too.

I like your honest and brave reporting and I'm pleased to support you in your fight against cancel culture and intimidation, for yourself  and for the silent majority.

Keep fighting Dan!

I support and thank you.

Good luck!

Gladly donating for truth and justice for Dan .

Don’t give in Dan.

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Gary, Orpington

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