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Putting power in your hands

Successful campaigns need public opinion behind them and the right people to push ideas forward. They often use experts like lobbyists, PR people, pollsters and lawyers to make sure the right arguments are delivered to the right people in the right way. Now you can have that power supporting your campaign.
More power and impact than a petition alone.

Launching your campaign on Democracy 3.0 enables you to employ experts with the best knowledge and skills to get your campaign noticed. We can make sure that the right decision makers hear about your cause and get the wider public to back your campaign.

Real results. Real Change. Right Now.

Forget about angry words on social media that don’t make a difference. Utilising the Democracy 3.0 petition plus crowdfunding model, you can take your campaign wherever it needs to go. We help you deliver real results, real change.

How does Democracy 3.0 deliver results for you?

After crowdfunding support for your campaign, we’ll work with our team of trusted experts to maximise your chance of success. Political lobbyists, lawyers, pollsters and PR professionals can all play a part in pushing your issue.

1. Create your campaign

2. We help you build
a community of support

3. Your support base funds professional campaign experts

4. Together we create change

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