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Democracy 3.0

Democracy 3.0 is a campaigning platform launched in April 2021 that transforms people’s aspirations for their community into reality.

Our tools empower campaigners to build a support base, raise funding, and deliver real change using professional campaign support.

Why ‘Democracy 3.0’?

Democracy used to be about voting for someone in the hope they would represent our interests. Then the advent of digital activism meant we could try to influence change using online petitions and social media.

But creating noise by itself isn’t enough. Without proper resourcing, even digital activism has limited impact – which is where we come in.

Democracy 3.0 helps you build a support base, raise the funds you need for your campaign to take off, and then we work with you to appoint professional campaigners – such as lobbyists and PR experts – who can bring your campaign to life.

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Putting power in your hands

If you have a cause you want to fight, or an injustice to tackle, and if your aim is one that people will support, we want to help you get the same lobbying power as those with major financial clout – multinational firms, global NGOs and wealthy individuals. Using this collective power we can help you turbo-charge your campaign by deploying professional resources on your behalf.

“Bad laws are the worst source of tyranny”

Edmund Burke

Our aim is to promote the Common Good

We are non-partisan and independent. We want our platform to help deliver change that will enhance people’s lives:

  • We support campaigns promoting freedom of thought, expression and action.
  • We believe in the fundamental dignity of all humankind.
  • We believe in the family as the basic building block of society, in which the state should not interfere without good cause.
  • We recognise private enterprise, and particularly the role of small firms, as a force for good.
  • We believe in our duty to care for one another, especially the weak and vulnerable.
  • We believe in protecting the natural world and in treating the environment and other creatures with respect.
  • We want to encourage robust, evidence-based policy making.
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Our founder

Democracy 3.0 was founded by Andrew Hawkins, the entrepreneur who in 2003 established the polling firm ComRes, which he led until its acquisition by insight firm.

Having seen first-hand at ComRes the impact that having proper resources can make to a campaign, Andrew founded Democracy 3.0 to give ordinary people – and organisations of all sizes – access to the same influence and lobbying firepower as big businesses and international NGOs.

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