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Democracy 3.0

Welcome to Democracy 3.0 – the campaign platform that champions freedom of speech, resists the encroachment of political correctness and fights back against the evils of cancel culture.

Democracy 3.0

If someone has been cancelled, sacked or disadvantaged for something they have said or posted, Democracy 3.0 is available to help them fight back.

The establishment doesn’t defend freedom of expression anymore.  Institutions, the media and politicians of all parties seem to stand idly by.  Democracy 3.0 aims to make a difference.  You can help us take a stand and fight back.

Our approach is to:  Help mount a campaign, publicize it to raise money, appoint the right lawyers, the appropriate PR support and promotion – and help in the fight to right the wrong.

Kicking up a public protest and litigation appears to be one of the few routes open to defend freedom of speech and the poisonous takeover of the institutions by a politically intrusive movement.

If you would like to join this fight, we would be delighted. 

Click on the button below and start your campaign. 



Also, please click on the button below to look at some of the freedom of speech cases we are currently championing:

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