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How it works

Online petition + crowdfunding = real change

Collecting signatures for an online petition can help a campaign along, but often a campaign needs funding in order to be successful. We help you raise those funds by tapping into the support generated by your petition.

With this platform you as a Campaign Creator can tell supporters why your cause is so important, create a funding target, encourage supporters to back your campaign and promote your call to action as widely as possible.

Once people begin supporting your petition and funding begins, then we work alongside you to help maximise the impact of your campaign. This might be done in-house or we can engage on your behalf professional campaign strategists and advisors to bring your campaign to life.

We enable you to have impact

We support campaigns that are consistent with our values of promoting the common good – and our model works.

In summer 2021 the Government planned to keep in place a tight cap on the number of children who could attend residentials. This threatened the very survival of many organisations which had already lost one summer due to the pandemic.

We helped create the “Save our Summer Camps” campaign, generating large numbers of supporters and the funding needed to persuade the UK Government to remove this cap. Our lobbying worked and thousands of children were able to enjoy a near-normal experience of outdoor and other summer residentials for the first time in two years.

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Bringing about positive change

By crowdfunding donations that pay for professional polling, lobbying and PR expertise, we help deliver real change. We have high expectations for all of our campaigns, and will not take something on if we don’t think it can make a difference.

Our measures of success include:

  • Changing public attitudes through traditional and social media campaigns
  • Building advocacy campaigns with policy influencers
  • Driving legislative and public policy change