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 A legal battle for free speech

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My name is Mike Fairclough. I was the only serving UK headteacher or school principal to have publicly questioned lockdowns, masking kids and the Covid vaccine rollout to children.

My employer (East Sussex County Council)  commissioned three investigations into me for doing so. I expressed my lawful opinions in a moderate and calm manner and within my own time.

I am now taking my employer to the Employment Tribunal for discrimination, harassment, preventing me from making a protected disclosure and constructive dismissal.


The last investigation into me followed a whistleblowing complaint under "Prevent". Prevent is part of the government’s overall counter-terrorism strategy. I was also reported to the Department for Education Counter Extremism Division. This is because questioning government policy on Covid was regarded as a form of extremism by the complainants. 

I was cleared of all allegations of wrong-doing, in relation to my right to lawful free speech, following three independent investigations. I was also cleared by the Counter Extremism Division. This is because I have a right to lawful free speech within the UK. Nonetheless, my employer said that I could be repeatedly investigated in the future if the same complaint was raised. This is a deliberate attempt to silence ‘disapproved of views’ using the complaints procedure.

All headteachers have a legal and moral duty to safeguard children against harm. This is what I have tried to do when expressing my concerns about government Covid policy. However, my efforts have been stifled by my employer. 

Lawful free speech is the foundation of a healthy democracy. We should encourage debate and lawful free speech on all matters. Particularly when it comes to safeguarding children against harm. The Covid pandemic appears to have hindered open debate and people now self-censor out of fear of reprisals.

My court case is therefore one which I am fighting for everyone within the workplace, regardless of their background, belief or views. Employers should not be emboldened to silence the lawful opinions of those they disagree with.

I have brought a claim in the Employment Tribunal with the help of the Free Speech Union and leading civil liberties barrister Paul Diamond. This case raises substantive issues on freedom of speech and of the State suppressing opposing views. 

Please consider supporting me by contributing whatever you can to towards my legal costs for this case.

You can follow my ongoing case on my X account here.

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Comments section

Roger Don't let the b*gg€rs get you down.

Andrew "I was the ONLY serving UK headteacher or school principal to have publicly questioned lockdowns"
Pretty much sums up the problem!

Jennifer So much of my income is now going to support causes that common sense and democracy should prevent from having arisen in the first place. We are fighting "That Hideous Strength" and it has spiritual roots.

William Be strong, don't give up.

Ravi A hugely important case for this country, best of luck.

Peter Thank you for taking a stand against the lies and propaganda . You are on the right side of history.

Deborah Best wishes, thanks so much for everything you have done

Erica You are an inspiration, NEVER stop fighting for the truth.

Nadim You are a hero mate. I can't give much but hope that even a small contribution is welcome.

Barbara Very proud of you, stay strong.

Stephen We’re behind you Mike

Ian Mike has true integrity and was the only headteacher in the UK brave enough to speak out and to actually fight to protect his pupils from unnecessary experimental gene therapy injections with all their myriad of dire side effects and complications.

Timothy Bravo Mike you are a true hero for looking after and caring for those with a small voice…the children 🧒.
“Train up a child in the way he should; when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 

Kevin Stand tall Mike

Lawrence The 1st time I have ever done this!

Steve I salute your courage!

Rachel Thank you for your amazing courage in protecting the children. I wrote to many headteachers to explain the risks, but none replied, the government programming was intense. Thank you.

Diana I don't have much but this is so important! Best of luck in the battle to come Mike.

Ray Full of admiration for Mike Fairclough, who shows exactly the kind of critical thinking, clear-mindedness and determination not to be cowed from speaking truth to power. This is one campaign that deserves all who believe in free speech to get behind..

Richard Scholar-warriors like you have proven themselves and deserve the support of those of us who love our liberty.

Joan I can't recall any cause that I've ever donated to, until now. I first read about this situation with Mr. Fairclough, at the "" website. I get their newsletter. I was ready to donate at the end of reading that article. Going through the article again, I found a link, that took me to another website, "".
Finding a link on that site, took me to this website, ", and I will be giving what I can to his "Legal battle for free speech"! Thank You!

Anon Whilst I disagree with your views, as they were expressed other than in your capacity as a headmaster and were views that a number of people held, I feel that the actions of your employers is an unjustifiable attack on an individual's right of free speech

Stuart It is appalling that you have been treated this way - I hope my small contribution helps in your quest. Bon Chance!

Louisa Best of luck. Keep at it.

Philip Don't give up Mike. Thanks for speaking up for all children.

Paul How have we arrived at this place? We need brave and principled people like you to lead us back to sanity and decency.

Pam We thank you for making this stand, for caring being true to your beliefs, for standing by all the children and I hope my grandchildren will have a head teacher with your care and obvious love. We are behind you all the way.

Nuala 100% behind you.

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Gary, Orpington

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