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Council is using a civil law sledgehammer to try to silence me for my Gender Critical views

Council is using a civil law 1080 x500-1
What happened?

I am being prosecuted for displaying on my door published materials from Transgender Trend, Sex Matters, WRN and one about a “Ban on Conversion Therapy for Trans” including a mastectomy photo.

The Council is ordering their removal with a “Community Protection Notice”, a civil law with criminal consequences for non-compliance. The council has ignored views of local police, who have confirmed that I am not breaking any law on free speech or "hate crime". The Council is a “Stonewall Diversity Champion”. And I need help to defend myself, including a barrister at Magistrates Court.

The Law in question is the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 sections 43 to 58.

I need help to defend myself against my London Council which is using a civil law sledgehammer to try to silence me for my Gender Critical views – a “Community Protection Notice” against me has a criminal penalty for non compliance.


For many years I have pinned posters on my front door supporting the NHS and our local hospital when it was threatened with closure. Starting 3 years ago I added published materials from the websites of Transgender Trend, Sex Matters, Women's Rights Network and a poster explaining why a Ban on Conversion Therapy for Trans would increase existing harms to adolescent girls confused about their sex or “gender”. I displayed a photo of two young girls with scars from a double mastectomy which is circulating on the internet and has been re-tweeted thousand of times. The photo is in the public domain.

The local police have looked at these Gender Critical materials and told me that my materials do not infringe free speech laws and are not “hate crime”.

But the Labour Council, which is a “Stonewall Diversity Champion”, refuses to accept the Police's view. In March 2023 they sent me a Warning letter and in June they sent me a Notice letter with a vaguely worded accusation: “Your Behaviour: Your actions towards sexual orientation and displaying pictures that do not belong to you is a breach of freedom of speech and hate speech” (sic). In the Notice: “[The Council] is satisfied that your persistent and continuing conduct is having a detrimental effect on the public and the LGBT Community”. I contest all of this. I do not want to be silenced for raising the very important issue of sex and "gender".

The penalty for not removing my posters is a criminal conviction for failing to obey the Notice and a possible fine up to £2,500. I am having to pay a lawyer to defend me.

Please help me to raise £10,000 to cover the costs up to and including a barrister to defend me at the Magistrates Court and possible appeal. I have already had to pay £1,500 as there is a deadline of 3 weeks to start my defence.

I have been trying to raise these matters with my local Councillors, the Leader of the Council and my local MP (all Labour) for the last 3 years and they have refused to engage AT ALL. I have no other avenue left but to display gender critical materials from published and reputable sources.

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Comments section

Stephen Proud father of 2 lovely, smart daughters and married to an amazing lady, my muse
I support you totally against these captured bullies. Good luck Una-Jane!

Patricia It's not much but I hope it helps!

Melanie All the best xx Mel

Emelda Oh my I am so sick of these clowns breaking LAWS to enforce sick ideology - but to threaten a woman with HOMELESSNESS if she doesn’t comply is a new low :(

Sharon This is extraordinary - the Home Office statutory guidance on how Community Protection Notices can be used says the situation has to pass these tests (all three of them): "Behaviour has to: • have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality; • be of a persistent or continuing nature; and • be unreasonable." I cannot see how it comes close to qualifying under the first or third. Good luck in challenging it!

Pamela Thank you for holding the line. it is so appreciated.

Sandra All power to you Una


Campaign update 6/9/23

Update: Renewed attack from Hammersmith Council

On 31st August I thought that the Council had had a change of heart. At midday my lawyer told me that the "Community Protection Notice" had been withdrawn and we rejoiced thinking that this was the end.
Four hours later we were lamenting together: Hammersmith Council had issued a fresh "Community Protection Warning" (the first step). They demanded that I remove the photo of the American teenage girls with mastectomy scars and another poster "Gender Identity is Insane", with a 7 day deadline, or they would issue a "Community Protection Notice" - again!
Needless to say I will not remove them. Hammersmith Police have said that they break no laws and they are in a good position to be read by anyone who walks by.
So I continue to need your help, please, to fund my defence from the Council's unjustified, "bad-loser" attack. Please contribute to my Democracy Appeal. Thank you


Gary, Orpington

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