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Two Parents are suing the Department for Education (DfE) in negligence


Two Parents, one anonymised due to fears over her physical safety at the hands of Trans Rights Activists, are suing the Department for Education (DfE) in negligence. The DfE has failed to act to prevent serious harm to children in schools by way of indoctrination by activists in violation of the safeguards laid down in The Education Act 1996. 

The government has recently issued non-statutory guidance but this is no substitute for ignoring the current law on safeguarding as it stands simply because activists have been allowed to dominate our institutions, the government having turned a blind eye to them. 

Over the last 10 years activist groups have specifically targeted schools to push their transgender agenda which the government itself has conceded is a contested cultural and political ideology. Such political ideologies are unlawful under the Education Act and the Secretary of State must turn a blind eye no more. 

The Cass Review into the going-on’s at the Tavistock Clinic plainly revealed that “a very high number, well over half of the children transitioning were suffering from mood disorders, autism (up to 35%), history of trauma and profound family disturbances, as well as a large number of children who are just lost in the world”.

Schools who ‘Affirm’ the social contagion sweeping through schools that ‘you might have been born in the wrong body’ are arguably culpable in the pathway to irreversible chemical harm and surgical mutilation of vulnerable children. 



Policy Exchange warned in a recent report, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’, that three quarters of all schools are teaching children they could have been born in the wrong body. Schools frequently do not inform parents when a child expresses a desire for 'gender transition', or dismiss parents' concerns as ignorant or bigoted. 

The Case

After failing to seek assurances from the Secretary of State in Pre-Action correspondence, the Claimants, supported by sixteen harmed witnesses and four subject matter experts, have filed Judicial Review application papers at the Royal Court of Justice, asking the court to force the government to comply with standing legislation.

 If the parents are successful in their application then a claim for damages in negligence will follow. 

But even if the claimants are not ultimately successful in their Judicial Review, the publicity that this application will create is vital in surfacing to the British public at large how our schools under activist infiltration, threat and name-calling intimidation, are subjecting vulnerable children to indoctrination at its most harmful and pernicious level. 
The Bad Law Project is supporting the claimants by providing information on how to raise funds and engage with legal experts. 

Funds raised to date have been used to pay for legal and campaigning expenses. However, Judicial Review proceedings are expensive. We need to raise at least £125,000 against the government’s well resourced legal team but we are determined to do all we can to stop indoctrination in schools and hope that you can join us by donating what you can afford. 

Please donate no more than you can afford.

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Comments section

Robert The fact that legal action has to be taken by private individuals because this so called Conservative government has failed to act in any meaningful way to enforce the Education Act is disgraceful and an affront to society. I hope the legal action has a positive result.

Anon Failure to stop teaching ideology as if it were fact is a danger not only to children, but to all of society.

Mary Thank you for doing this.

Sylvia Thank you for what you are doing.

Leslie This is horrific. Child abuse. Criminal. RSE (sounds very similar to what you have outlined) is being imposed on Northern Ireland post-primary schools by our secretary of state. Under the legislation Stormont nor any of our politicians have any means to oppose it. I feel helpless and frustrated. Keep up the good work.


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Gary, Orpington

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