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Help Emma sue David Lloyd

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What happened?

I am a mum of two daughters aged 11 and 13. I feel passionately that they, their friends and all girls should have access to single-sex toilets and changing rooms.

Seven years ago my family joined David Lloyd Leisure York.
We had chosen this club specifically because of our two young daughters (then only 4 and 6) and it was sold to us as family-friendly.

Recently we became aware of growing confusion about boys who identify as girls accessing girls toilets and changing rooms in schools.

This prompted me to ask the operations manager at our club this question: Does our family membership also includes the prospect of our daughters being naked in front of, and alongside, naked, adult men whilst using the “female” signposted changing room?

It took weeks to get a reply. Over and over again I was told that the centre treated everyone with respect, that decisions were made on a case-by-case basis so that everyone was comfortable. I just kept asking the same question again and again, without getting an answer.



The operational manager kept saying that she needed to get an answer from head office to be sure that she was getting it right.

What I didn’t know – but she did – was that there was in fact a male member of the club who was transitioning. It had already been agreed that he would use the enclosed unisex/family changing area until fully transitioned – whatever that meant – and from that point on he would be welcome to use the female changing room.

In March 2023 I received a letter from the David Lloyd regional manager. It said: “Whilst you ask for a straightforward answer of yes or no the answer relates to a topic that is anything but straightforward and David Lloyds maintain to seek the balance of needs and concerns of individual members at club level.”

At a meeting in April 2023 we were shown the UK Active guidance adopted by David Lloyds Leisure. This allows members to access changing rooms according to their “gendered appearance”. No one at the meeting was brave enough to describe what that might actually look like!

I asked if this guidance had recently been adopted. But the David Lloyd staff were adamant that they had always followed UK Active guidance, and this had always been what it said.

Finally we were told that should I or my daughters feel intimidated, threatened or unsafe we should report it immediately to management.

Our girls are 11 and 13. They would be so shocked and humiliated at seeing a man’s penis in their female changing room I doubt they would want to tell anyone, let alone make a complaint. This is clearly not a family-friendly policy.

In accordance with our gender-critical beliefs, we do not accept that a man can become a woman in order to access the female single-sex spaces our daughters are using. I don’t accept compromising women’s and girls’ privacy and dignity in the name of “inclusivity”. It’s not inclusive of us.

Had David Lloyd Leisure made their changing room policy clear to us up-front we would never have joined. We have since taken our daughters and our business elsewhere, namely to Bannatyne Health Club. I have asked them the same question, and they do protect single-sex spaces on the basis of biological sex.

Please support me in holding David Lloyd Leisure to account for misleading their customers. I hope by taking this action we will send a strong message to anyone sacrificing women and girls right to privacy and dignity in the name of 'Inclusivity'.

Thank you very much.


All unused funds will be shared between Sex Matters, Fair Play For Women, Women's Rights Network and Standing for Women'.

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Comments section

Marie I support you Emma! I have five granddaughters and the two eldest are almost 11 and 10 years of age. I fear for what the future holds for them when the rights/protection of women and girls disregarded at best and under attack at worst. Well done for standing up for women and girls.

CJ Thank you for having the courage to stand up for women and girls. I wish you every success.

Michael Good luck with your worthy cause. I hope my small contribution will go some way to help you succeed in a BIG way.

Rachel Good luck Emma.

Jo DL is discriminating against women and girls by allowing men into their changing rooms. Why does it not make it clear to females that males are allowed in their changing rooms? Good on you Emma for adding the cases that will clarify the law.

Elizabeth Thank you. I no longer feel safe at my new local pool especially when I take my five year old grandaughter. There are NO separate areas and the cubicles have a large gap underneath. Who is listening to us? Hopefully you will win and start a precedent so I feel safe (not having to go into surveillance/checking mode) and relax again in a area exclusively for genetic XX.

Louise Well done you, Emma! And thank you for taking this on.

Prue Thank you for standing up for women's and girls safety that is being so compromised by the dangerous indoctrination of trans inclusivity. Let them have their own safe spaces, they cannot have ours!

Sue Thank you for doing this - on behalf of all who think like-mindedly.

Dominey Thank you Emma for your tenacity and for ‘reading the bits that other people don’t read’ (New Culture Forum podcast). We also have two daughters, each a year older than yours, and I too have come up against various authorities on this issue. I shall be following your case with interest. Good luck!

Michelle Thank you Emma! Maintaining female-only change-rooms and toilets is hugely important to me. As is truth-telling…If organisations allow M to self ID as women, but don’t make that clear at point of use, they are misrepresenting their facilities.

Irene The safety and protection of children must always be a top priority. Wishing you every success, Emma, your lawsuit.

Dusty Best of luck, Emma

Matt Good luck! You're doing something really important.

Carla Thank you Emma. We're right behind you.

Paul Wish I could do more but we need to fight this warped ideology. Hopefully, my small donation helps... 

Michelle Shame on David Lloyd for dismissing the safety of women and girls - good luck, Emma!!

Barbara Good luck

Tony Glad to help with this very important cause.

Julie Ann Good luck, Emma. I've had a very similar experience over several months with my place in Kent (The Club Company) where I've just terminated membership. They refused to answer my questions, fobbed me off with attachments on club policy that left me aghast, and the final email from the manager referenced her disappointment in me that I continued to raise the issue of a male in the ladies changing room - a matter she now considered closed. Chilling times. This derangement has to stop.

Malcolm Glad to assist in your fight against this woke nonsense

David Fighting for freedom from none-sense. Go for it!

Ann Good luck Emma . Watched you on The Mess with Graham, Arty and Helen. Thank you for standing up for women and girls.

Allison I really hope you win against David Lloyd Clubs Emma. They need to take girls' and womens' safety seriously. It's absolutely unacceptable for them to place the fetishes and sexual interests of a few unwell men above the safety of girls and women. They can't be taking these sort of risks with our safety. I say this as a Mum of a teenage girl, a woman who has closely followed the trans reign of terror over women and as the victim of a paedophile when I was pre-teen.

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Gary, Orpington

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