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Fair Cop and Keep Prisons Single Sex are very concerned about the lawfulness of the National Police Chief Council's Recommended Guidance:

Searching by Transgender Employees of the Police Service

We think this guidance is unlawful. It refers to 'gender' rather than sex and states that if a woman refuses to be searched by a trans-identifying male officer for a 'discriminatory' reason then consideration should be given to recording a non-crime hate incident or an actual crime.

It is not 'discriminatory' for a woman to refuse a search by a male officer.

This Guidance has been subject to external review by a barrister who declared it lawful. We disagree. Please donate so that we can challenge this.

We want to raise £10K to cover the costs of advice from a specialist KC – to see if a legal challenge has merits and if so, who is the best person to make the application to court. We have found a KC who is willing to take instructions and provide advice by the end of January 2024.

Any funds remaining after the costs of the KC opinion will be applied to any subsequent legal action.


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Comments section

Helen Women should be protected by law. Not assaulted by men pretending to be women

Lesley It is so important to fight this. Thank you KPSS, FairCop and WRN. 

Liz The Police Chiefs Council are either a bunch of perverts or have allowed themselves to be manipulated by perverts, maybe both. This policy is disgusting and goes way beyond disrespect for women. They are openly setting out to recruit men who want to sexually assault women and girls and are threatening to criminalise their victims if they object. If they actually think they are doing anything else then are naive beyond belief. Whatever the reason, they are dangerous and not fit to serve.

Gina Males should not be carrying out intimate searches on females.

Catherine I’m just so tired but can never stop until this absurd ideology is completely destroyed

Kathryn It isn't much I know but I feel strongly about the issue. Every little helps I guess. (It does Kathryn - thank you...)

Tony Good luck!

Naina Thank you for your service!

Maureen Although I don't break any laws, and highly doubt I'll ever be arrested I have donated twice now, because it's that important to me that women's rights are upheld in every way possible and that includes my sisters who may find themselves in this position. And if course, there's always the risk of the Stasi I mean police, may arrest me for not agreeing that men are women just because they say so!

Karen While it is maddening in the extreme to have to spend money I can barely afford to defend material reality (and the actual law!) against an ideologically captured Police Force, I'll carry on chucking in chunks of my benefit for as long as it takes. Really offends me that I have to, though. Thank you again, Fair Cop, for all that you do.

Ali Women should be protected by law. Not assaulted by men pretending to be women.

Colin This social contagion needs to be ended asap. Good luck

Laura Thank you for everything you are doing. I wish I had more to give!

Anon Women are not objects for consumption by male fetishists and abusers. Disgusting and cowardly behaviour by NPCC and senior police leadership to put this guidance in place and to enable the bullying, shaming and harassment of staff with gender critical views. Threats of job loss, discipline and loss of promotion opportunities have kept people in fear for far too long. Leaders and their advisors must be held accountable for this disgraceful, misogynistic culture.

Madeleine Thank you Sarah and crew. You are heroic.

Caroline Absolutely essential work - thank you. This is state sanctioned sexual assault - there must be no searching of women by men ever, regardless of how they identify or what GRC (legal fiction) they have been granted. This is madness.

Lesley It is so important to fight this. Thank you KPSS, FairCop and WRN.

Kate Thank you for doing this although it beggars belief it's necessary in the first place.

Martine I wish I could donate more. Wishing you tremendous success.

Gemma Can't believe we still keep doing this. This is my investment and it is in good hands.

Beth Both female police officers and members of the public need to be defended from the institutional misogyny which plagues the police forces.

Maureen I can't believe you have to do this. Women aren't shields, props or safety crutches for men larping as women. Its about time the police started recognising that women have rights too. Good luck!

Teresa This is so unbelievably stupid as to be shocking. Which brain dead moron thought this was a good idea?

Nadia Women do not consent. It is ridiculous we have to take this to court, yet here we are. Wishing you the best of luck and thank you.

Campaign update: 15 January 2024

KC instructed. Thanks to all who have donated or shared our crowdfunder. 

We hope to publish the advice by the end of the month and then consider next steps. 



Gary, Orpington

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