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Hold Gwent Police accountable for Hate Crime against Jen Swayne

Jen and Sidney

Hold Gwent Police to account for wrongful arrest and physical assault for supposed ‘hate crime’ against Jen Swayne

  • I am holding Gwent Police to account for their ideological capture which means they are unable to police ‘without fear or favour’.
  • My name is Jen Swayne and I am a retired teacher of vulnerable children. I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis and Bipolar 1. My experiences with children and my own experience of male violence mean that I am extremely concerned about the pushing of gender ideology and express this by placing stickers around my home town to raise awareness of the dangers of self-id whereby a man can identify as a woman and be allowed into women’s spaces like hospital wards, prisons, refuges, sports etc.
  • On 23rd January 2022, a group of police officers saw me stick one of my stickers to a lamp post in Newport. It said, “Humans can’t change sex” and “no child is born in the wrong body”. Not one sticker used the word ‘trans’.
  • My campaign will run until 30 June.
  • The officers surrounded me and told me I was ‘detained’. They demanded that I attend a ‘voluntary interview’ because I had committed a ‘hate crime’. When I tried to say that the stickers weren’t hateful, one officer said:
  • “Some people witnessing it may perceive it. And if you’re offended by it, it can become a hate crime. Which then becomes a public order offence.” After which I was physically prevented from leaving which was painful and distressing.
  • After this traumatic street arrest, 13 hours in cells, a long police interview and release in the middle of the night into subzero temperatures with no assistance, the investigation was dropped three months later - no crime had occurred after all.
  • Whilst in the cells my house was searched, and an academic book, stickers and my own handwritten notes were taken into custody and held by the police.
  • Other people have endured similar outrageous treatment and helping me financially will also contribute to the costs of retraining Gwent Police so that other women don’t go through the same things. This is demonstrated by Gwent Police’s own body cam images of my arrest which show the existing glaring gaps in knowledge and common sense.
  • Gwent Police orchestrated the arrest and imprisonment of a disabled woman, withheld contact with her carer and her medication.
  • What actual crimes could the Gwent Police have been preventing or tackling if they hadn’t devoted their resources to the eradication of feminist stickers?
  • I need this funding for legal fees and for my own travel and accommodation for the court case for myself and a carer (as the case is not being heard local to me). We are happy to be transparent about all costs. If I win the money will onto other women who find themselves in this sort of situation and require funds.

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Comments section

Kenneth What a horrendous experience Jen! It's insane what is going on. Well done for pursuing this, glad to contribute to help your cause.

Teresa Well Done!

Ali You're an absolute warrior woman Jen.

Marion Hope you win this. What the police did sounds like actual insanity.

Poppy Good luck, 🎵Newport Sticker Woman 🎵

Mary Glad to help. Very best of luck.

Joyce Very best of luck

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