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Asleep at the wheel cover (4)
A legal battle for free speech

My name is Mike Fairclough. I was the only serving UK headteacher or school principal to have publicly questioned lockdowns, masking kids and the Covid vaccine rollout to children.

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Help us protect our children cover
Help us hold the NHS to account

I Anna Castle and Ms C are planning to bring a judicial review against the NHS for providing unsafe treatment advice for young people from 17 years old and vulnerable adults.

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Asleep at the wheel cover (1)
Asleep At The Wheel

Ten parents are suing the Department for Education (DfE) in negligence. The DfE has failed to act to prevent serious harm to children in violation of its own statutory guidance and the law, which prioritises child safeguarding and prohibits political indoctrination.

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help emma logo
Help Emma sue David Lloyd

I am a mum of two daughters aged 11 and 13. I feel passionately that they, their friends and all girls should have access to single-sex toilets and changing rooms.

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ab logo
The Day Democracy Died

Earlier this year, the former Health Secretary described me in a tweet as a “disgusting and dangerous” propagator of anti-Semitism. I believe this was to stop me asking questions about the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines on behalf of my constituents and other members of the public who have suffered adverse reactions to the vaccines and from Covid policy in many other ways.

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Preaching logo
Stop Shutting Down Preaching

Avon and Somerset Police told me and my church we could only preach with their “prior consent and approval”.

Help me defend our right to believe and speak freely.

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Democratic Network Cover
Democratic Network

The Democratic Network helps people get involved in local decision making through local election campaigns and consultations.

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Buckley Cover
Nick Buckley for Mayor of Greater Manchester

Let's send a message to the political elite that we will no longer accept them. I will expose all of the secrets that no one ever wanted you to see.

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council logo (1)
Council is trying to silence me for my Gender Critical views

I am being prosecuted for displaying on my door published materials from Transgender Trend, Sex Matters, WRN and one about a “Ban on Conversion Therapy for Trans” including a mastectomy photo.

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Lib Dem Cover
Overturn the Sutton Lib Dems ban on David Campanale

Liberal Democrats in winnable Sutton & Cheam have bullied their parliamentary candidate because of his privately held traditional moral views.

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drive thru cover
Print vehicle reg on drive-thru packaging

Printing a vehicle registration on drive-thru food packaging will encourage people to dispose of their waste responsibly, reducing litter on clean streets and cutting down pollution.

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Dying well cover
Stop Assisted Suicide

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dying Well promotes excellence in end of life care and stands against the legalisation of doctor assisted suicide.

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