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Nick Buckley 4 Mayor of Greater Manchester

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Let's send a message to the political elite that we will no longer accept them. I will expose all of the secrets that no one ever wanted you to see.

Yes to Free Speech: creation of a Free Speech Charter

Yes to Women: aka adult human females

No to Net Zero: no to green policies that make us poorer, restrict our movement, or attack our cars.

No to Rough Sleeping: everyone inside within one year.

We all know it is time for change, we can feel it in the air that when we speak to the ordinary people in our lives. We thought Brexit was the mechanism for this change and a better tomorrow. But we were wrong. The grip of the elites over our institutions and politics turns out to be stronger than we ever thought possible. 

There will be no one event that frees us from the fledgling authoritarianism that has planted its roots in our democracy. We will have to fight to retain our freedom in every parish borough, local council, and city region until Parliament takes notice and realises that they are our servants - not our masters.

The industrial revolution started in Greater Manchester which improved the lives of the average person across the world. It is time for a new revolution. One that promotes personal responsibility and keeps the government out of our lives.

Greater Manchester - we can be, again! 

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Comments section

Martin You are an honest and courageous individual, thank you for standing up for Manchester

Tom Straight talking with no measly mouth wording, we need good people back in politics. Good luck.

John Good luck Nick, You get my vote! But I live in North London

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Gary, Orpington

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